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Kennet Place

The place with the world on it’s doorstep

Heathrow Airport

Only 45 minutes to Heathrow

Just 10 minutes to the M4

16 trains an hour to Paddington


M4 (J10)
5.5 miles
M4 (J11)
3.5 miles
M4 (J12)
5 miles
25 miles / 35 mins
40 miles / 48 mins
81 miles / 85 mins


16 trains / hr
25 mins
4 trains / hr
74 mins
6 trains / hr
60 mins

Elizabeth Line (Crossrail)

21 mins
38 mins / T4: 45 mins
50 mins
Bond Street
53 mins
Liverpool Street
61 mins

Rail Air Bus

3 coaches / hr
45 mins
Over 200 trains per day to the Capital
Even as the world becomes more digitally connected, the need strengthens for people and businesses to connect through face- to-face contact because relationships grow business. Travel is more essential than ever.
Reading is at the heart of the Thames Valley which makes it a prime location for communications in the UK, and from the UK to the world. Rail travel is central to Reading’s success – it has the second busiest station outside London. Now the rail infrastructure is expanding even further with massive investments in new rail schemes, including the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) and the Western Rail link to Heathrow project.
These developments worth £500 million will double train capacity in the coming years from an already high base of service – at present there are trains every four minutes into London. With the M4 and the motorway network less than 10 minutes away, Reading also provides excellent road links.
Reading is a transport hub for the UK but it is also exceptionally convenient for access to international air travel. Fast road and rail links to Heathrow and Gatwick airports, mean you connect with great ease from Reading to any other part of the world. Heathrow Airport serves 185 international destinations including 23 cities in the USA. Connections like these make Reading one of the world’s rising locations, truly the place to do business.
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